Class Ambassador Program

About the Class Ambassador Program (CAP)

Class ambassadors' peer-to-peer outreach has an enormous impact on class connectivity, event attendance, and giving participation. There is no substitute for the relationships ambassadors foster between fellow Hoyas and the Hilltop.

What is a Class Ambassador?

A class ambassador is a dedicated alumni volunteer who works with a committee of classmates, aiming to increase alumni engagement each year.

What are Class Ambassadors expected to do?

We hope that you will become a member of the CAP community by encouraging classmates to support Georgetown philanthropically, planning or hosting class events, sending class communications, and many other activities. To learn more about specific time commitments or volunteer opportunities, contact your class liaison.

Why are Class Ambassadors important?

Elite schools are built on strong alumni engagement. Class Ambassadors' are the foundation of the alumni community.The average rate of alumni donors each year can affect a university’s rankings and its ability to compete for the very best students and faculty. The recent endeavors of Class Ambassadors are significantly increasing alumni connections, which is leading to higher donor participation rates.

How do I become a Class Ambassador?

Please fill out this short form and your class’ staff liaison will follow up with you.