About the City Alliance

The Georgetown University City Alliance goal is to increase the visibility of Georgetown University and strengthen its ties within the financial community of London. The group will work to raise Georgetown's profile and that of its alumni, parents and friends in various financial services, to create and participate in professional networking opportunities, and to build relationships between members' firms and the University for the mutually beneficial exchange of resources. The alliance will also serve as a vehicle to further the mission of the University through outreach, development and the communication of its strategic priorities.

The City Alliance is headed by four co-chairs: Joseph P. Baratta (B'93), Phillip Fletcher (F'79), Dr. Martin Halusa (C'77) and Paul R. Harvey (B'85).


Creating a community of financial professionals who can come together for the purpose of networking under the Georgetown University banner.

Raising Georgetown's profile in the world of financial services.

Advising University leadership on the emerging needs, opportunities and expectations of an increasingly global economy.

Engaging in discussions with other world financial leaders on topics of great importance at major events convened by Georgetown University.

Creating opportunities for the university leadership to share its strategic priorities with the financial community.

Providing career opportunities for the most accomplished graduates.

Advising Georgetown students and recent graduates on ways to manage their careers and make the most of the opportunities before them.

Creating rich internships to augment the Georgetown experience with practical experience.

Goals & Objectives

Establish a professional networking community of Georgetown alumni, parents and friends with a focus on individuals who serve in the financial services industry.

Develop sophisticated events of interest to the community.

Build relationships between members' firms and the University for the mutually beneficial exchange of resources.

Expand the database of currently over 900 industry-specific alumni and friends in London and Europe.

Develop an exchange of expertise with the University to further enhance the University's global vision and initiatives.