Georgetown University thanks the following sponsors for their generous support in ensuring the success of John Carroll Weekend 2016:

  • Presidential
    • Georgetown University Alumni Association
    • Kathleen (F'77) and Francis (C'75, L'78) Rooney (Parents'13)
    • Caroline Heinz (F'84) and Amre Youness (F'84) (Parents'14,'18)
  • Blue and Gray
    • Martha (I'78) and Michael (C'78) Brown (Parents'10,'14)
    • Joan and David Hill (Parents'16)
    • Susan (C'74) Karches (Parent'03,'08,'15) and Thomas Owens
    • Grayson (F'86) and Alexandra Nash
    • David Walsh (C'58)
    • Dennis Wang (B'06)
  • Archbishop Carroll
    • Joseph (B'84) and Lisa Amato (Parents'13,'17,'19)
    • Robert (F'68) and Janice Billingsley (Parents'99,'03)
    • Sarah E. Cogan (L'81) and Douglas H. Evans (Parents'09,'12,'18)
    • The Hon. Arthur J. Gajarsa (L'67, H'12) and Melanie Gajarsa (Parents'99,'02,'08)
    • Kerry Galvin (F'83)
    • Michael (C'83) and Peggy Heffernan (Parents'20)
    • Peter (B'79) and Elizabeth Keenoy (Parents'11)
    • George (C'62) and Donna Leahey (Parents'88,'90,'96)
    • Sarah Boles and David Norris (Parents'12,'15)
    • Catherine Dryer (B'87) and Fabio Rosati (B'87) (Parents'16,'17)
    • Hans (F'63) and Ann Ziegler (Parents'89,'91,'93,'94)
  • Patrick Healy
    • Daniela and Giuseppe Ambrosi (Parents'17)
      Sheherazade Semsar-de Boisseson (F'90, MSFS'90) and Count Laurent de Boisseson
      Mariellen (C'84, S'17) and Noble Carpenter (Parents'14,'15,'17)
      Michelle Berninger (L'95) and Greg Fernicola (L'85)
      Irma Frank, D.D.S. and Richard Frank (Parents'91,'94,'97)
      Lisa (I'74) and Fernando Gentil Sr. (Parents'09,'12)
      Liliane and Christian Haub (Parents'15)
      Elizabeth Wieser (C'86, L'92) and Philip Inglima (C'84, L'88)
      Susan and Edmund (M'87) Kwan, M.D. (Parents'15,'17)
      Laurie (B'83) and Pierre Lapeyre Jr. (Parents'15,'17)
      Kathy Smith (N'83) and Alan Leahey (C'82, M'87) (Parents'10,'11,'14)
    • Suzanne (C'79) and Daniel (C'77) Lenihan (Parents'10,'12,'12,'19)
    • Stephen (B'80) and Karen Marzo (Parents'19)
  • William Gaston
    • Nancy (C'86) and Greg (B'86) Annick (Parents'16,'18)
    • Paul (F'69, L'72) and Caroline Besozzi (Parents'05)
    • Annamarie Bezzerides
    • Fran (N'78) and Tim Buckley (Parents'08,'12)
    • Kevin B. Clark (C'76, L'79) and Nancy Ripp Clark (C'77, M'81) (Parents '05,'08,'11,'13)
    • Drew Fine (B'84) and Susan Cook
    • Cynthia Stockum Cox (F'81)
    • Juanita (N'64) and Paul D. (C'62, L'65) Cullen Sr. (Parents'93, '98)
    • Cynthia (B'84) and Drake (B'84) Dubin
    • Laurenne (F'79) Hemily-Figus and Marco (F'80) Figus
    • Jim (C'93) and Tasia (L'99) Filippatos
    • Marc (B'89) and Francine Flamino
    • David (F'93, L'97, MBA'97) and Meade Fogel
    • Judith and Richard Greer (Parents'16)
    • Kathryn (C'83) and Kirk Hachigian
    • Paolo Cicchine (B'94) and Marcelle Joseph
    • Judy (F'78) Donahue and Bruce Lafranchi (Parents'09)
    • Frank (C'72) and Harriette McDonough (Parents'12)
    • Charles Melone Jr., M.D. (C'64, M'69, Parent'91,'02)
    • Sharon Love-Palumbo and Francis M. Palumbo III, M.D. (C'68, M'72, R'75)
    • The Hon. Nancy (H'02) and Paul (F'62) Pelosi (Parents'88,'89,'91)
    • Maureen and Francis (C'69, R'79) Previti, M.D. (Parents'06,'08,'09)
    • Brian (C'79) and Helen Rafferty
    • John (B'65, L'68) and Beverlee Raymond (Parents'89)
    • Eric (B'84) and Patricia Schwartz (Parents'19)
    • Ann Beth (C'86, L'94) and Bob Stebbins
    • Paul (C'62) and Chan Tagliabue
    • Eileen Tasca (L'79)
    • Marybeth (N'79) and John (C'75) Wooters
  • Hilltop
    • Carola Limoncelli and Massimo (B'85) Ambrosio (Parents'19)
    • Anne (L'89) and Stephen (F'84, L'88) Arcano (Parents'15)
    • Stephanie Bean (C'09) and William Allen (F'09)
    • Diane (F'86) and David Beveridge (Parents'19)
    • Julie Cawley (Parent'86,'88)
    • Carol (C'74) and William (C'73) Cooke (Parents'07,'09)
    • Elif (I'90, G'92, PHD'96) Rosenfeld and Christopher (F'90, MSFS'91) DeConti
    • Donna Cantrell and Richard Gerzof (Parents'16)
    • Karen Gibbs (F'88)
    • Deborah (F'71) and Richard (F'71) Hluchan (Parents'08,'09,'17)
    • Lucy (C'83) and Jack (C'82, L'85) Kapples (Parents'13,'18)
    • Anton Kort (F'00, G'07) and Sireethorn Karasudhi
    • Andrey (MBA'15) and Marina Kostyuk
    • Annamarie and William (C'68, M'72, R'74, W'76) Licamele, M.D. (Parents'01,'04,'07,'08)
    • Eileen (B'85) Cleary and Sean (C'82) Murphy (Parents'15,'16)
    • Maurine Murtagh (B'68, Parent'97)
    • Maureen (C'88) Cawley Rhodes and Michael Rhodes (Parents'18)
    • Carmen Conde and Luis Roca de Togores, Marquises of Villar (Parents'15,'18)
    • Jenifer Rogers (F'85, L'88)
    • Mary Colleen Scanlon (N'76, H'00)
    • Thomas (MS'89, M'93) Scilaris, M.D., and Katrina Scilaris
    • Tia (Christian) (F'91) and Tobias Viering
    • John (F'68) and Bobbie Wilson (Parents'99)
    • John (C'70) and Karen Wolfe
    • Regina (B'68) and Stephen (F'67) Wolfe