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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our organization? Check out some of the FAQs below.

  • What is Advancement’s organizational structure?

    We have a centralized organizational structure. A large majority of our teams report to the Vice President of Advancement. The Vice President of Advancement reports to Georgetown University’s President DeGioia. Although our Law Center Development Team is a part of the Office of Advancement, this unit reports to the Law Center Dean. By having a centralized organizational structure, we ensure uniformity in our messaging and fundraising efforts and our teams can work collaboratively to engage and cultivate our constituents. We also partner with our campus faculty and researchers to understand the academic priorities and needs of our students.

  • What is the culture of OA?

    Our culture is highly collaborative, encouraging, people-centered, growth-oriented, and entrepreneurial. We care about each other as people. We want to know how your family is doing or how your MBA program is going. We steer away from siloes and seek to understand each other’s work. When one of us achieves an accomplishment, we celebrate them. When we notice that one of us is overwhelmed with projects and tight deadlines, we offer a helping hand. No job is too small or “out of our job description”. We have growth mindsets; not only are we always growing by the number to achieve our organizational goals, we encourage individual growth through professional development and education. We ask the question, “what does our best look like?” and we work towards that vision. When one of us brings a new idea or a new way of doing things to the table, we welcome it and ask how we can help bring it to fruition.

  • How can your Talent Management team help me grow in my career?

    We are a seven-person team that is dedicated to cultivating an employee experience that is defined by growth and excellence. We collaborate with organizational leaders to create uniquely-tailored strategies and initiatives to provide the best opportunities for our talent. Our Talent Management team also works with campus partners and external organizations to provide you with professional development opportunities to fuel your success. Our team can partner with you to help you plan how to grow your career in Advancement, connect and provide you with learning and development opportunities, and coach you to ensure performance success.

  • Does the Office of Advancement have performance reviews?

    Yes, we have a formal performance review process. We also encourage managers and their direct reports to have candid, real-time feedback conversations throughout the year to share feedback and areas of growth. As part of our formal performance management process, we hold mid-year reviews, so teams can understand how they are tracking against their year-end goals. In addition to the performance management process, we also facilitate talent reviews twice a year. In talent reviews, the Talent Management team meets 1-1 with individual department leaders to discuss the performance of each and every team members through the organization. These conversations ignite a larger dialogue focused on the growth and development of our talent. From these meetings, we are able to plan professional growth investments, or individualized development opportunities for our talent that will recognize their performance and continue to fortify their growth in the organization.

  • What are the length and steps in the Talent Acquisition process?

    The length of the Talent Acquisition process varies based on the level, scope, and complexities of the role. Although these steps are subject to change, typically, the process entails:

    1. Applying online to the open opportunity with a resume and cover letter
    2. The Talent Acquisition team or Hiring Manager will review your application materials
    3. If selected, a member of the Talent Acquisition team or the Hiring Manager will contact you for a phone screen
    4. If progressed to the next round, you may have a phone interview with the Hiring Manager, unless you spoke with the Hiring Manager in Step #3; if this is the case and you are selected, you will be asked to come in person for an interview (please see step #5)
    5. If selected, you will have an in-person interview with the Hiring Manager and the team. There may be two in-person interview rounds and/or an assessment, depending on the position
    6. If selected as a finalist, a member of the Talent Acquisition team or the hiring manager will conduct references
    7. If references come back successfully, we will extend an offer of employment and begin the hiring process


  • How do I refer my friend to your open opportunities?

    Please visit our open opportunities page and ask your referral to select the open position. The website will then link them to the Georgetown Workday page where they can apply. Additionally, please send your referral’s resume and cover letter to advancementcareers@georgetown.edu, so that we have this on file. If we believe your candidate’s background is in alignment to the position, we will reach out to schedule an introductory call with the candidate.

  • How long does someone stay at each career level before being promoted?

    There is not a set amount of time that someone stays at each career level because it is highly dependent on individual performance, career goals, team structure, and organizational needs. Our philosophy is that growth comes in many shapes and forms. For our talent, growth could mean a promotion, stretch projects or additional opportunities in your current role, moving laterally to a new role to gain a new skill set, attending industry conferences, taking advantage of our Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), or pursuing a certification program. Our Talent Management team believes in investing in our talent and making sure that our people feel valued and given every opportunity to grow in our organization, which is why facilitate our formal performance management and talent review processes through the year, as well as individualized career coaching at any time.

  • Do you have an internship program?

    Not yet, but this is something that we plan to implement in the near future. Stayed tuned!

  • What phase of the fundraising campaign are you in?

    Currently, we are in the leadership or “silent” phase of our campaign. We plan to go public with our new multi-billion dollar campaign in the coming years. Contact us to learn more!

  • I don’t have higher education or fundraising experience. How do you view talent like me and where would I align in your organization?

    We need talent like you! If we are to be successful in our new multi-billion dollar campaign, it is critical for us to value talent that have unconventional experiences and come from different backgrounds. We are only as good as the quality of people that we employ, and we recognize that transferable skills add to the diversity of talent and thought that we need in order to be successful. Individuals with sales experience, communications, legal, and other relative backgrounds come to work as frontline development officers, in Annual Giving doing direct mail marketing, or in Data Analytics! We have a place just for you. Learn more about where you would be a great add by checking out our Teams page or contacting us at advancementcareers@georgetown.edu.

  • When do you recruit at career fairs?

    We have not yet finalized our career fair cycles. However, we typically recruit in the Spring time at the Georgetown University Student Career Fair held by the Cawley Career Center. In the near future, in addition to the Georgetown University Student Career Fair, we aim to also recruit during the Fall and Spring time within the larger DMV community, since we have a variety of positions available year-round.

Contact Us

Do you have additional questions? Email us at advancementcareers@georgetown.edu.